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UC Merced's Master of Management (MM) Professional Degree is an immersive twelve-month program that complements your undergraduate degree with a competitive set of practical, project-based work and management skills for addressing the cross-functional challenges faced by professionals in for-profit and non-profit enterprises and public organizations.

Is an MM like an MBA? Our MM program is not a substitute for nor a condensed version of an MBA

Are you a graduating senior or recent college graduate?
Are you looking to complement your undergraduate degree with real-world management skills?
The MM curriculum draws on diverse disciplines within the fields of engineering, natural and social sciences, computing and data analytics, and business management.

Are you an international student? The MM program qualifies for the STEM OPT Visa Extension Program.

UC Merced is located in California's Central Valley, close to Yosemite National Park and to Silicon Valley

The MM program pays particular focus to management problems associated with California's Central Valley. In consultation with regional employers, this program is designed around relevant case studies and integrative team projects that foster valuable discussion, oral presentation, professional writing, and leadership skills for solving complex problems about sustaining our environment, society, and economy. The curriculum highlights the challenges of finding solutions that simultaneously balance corporate profitability and stewardship of natural resources.

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UC Merced’s MM Program helps you cultivate the skills you need to lead & succeed

Ready to take your career to the next level? Gain the management expertise and business acumen that today’s top companies value most. Our Masters of Management Program helps you increase your earning potential and overall hireability, regardless of your background and chosen specialization.

Master of Management Programs: Key Benefits

The 12-month Master of Management (MM) Program is led by MIST faculty who provide invaluable real-world experience designed to strengthen your skills in management and leadership. Students gain experience in strategic managerial thinking and direction, honing their ability to step into high-level positions throughout the public and private sectors.

Are you considering an MBA vs Masters in Management Program? The MM Program at UC Merced is especially valuable for students seeking to add complementary expertise to their undergraduate degree and maximize their business potential. UC Merced provides practical education that students can apply to real-world environments–our curriculum is designed to examine real-world issues facing the San Joaquin Valley and directly informed by what professional qualifications regional employers are seeking to address these challenges.

Prospective students to the MM Program should hold the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited college or university.

Accelerate Your Career with a Master of Management Degree

A Master of Management and leadership program through UC Merced provides a wealth of applicable real-world experience, imparting essential business fundamentals and knowledge of complex business environments. Your personalized education allows you to build confidence and exercise critical thinking skills necessary to lead organizations and people.

What is an MM Degree?

A Master of Management - also called a Masters in Management, or MIM - is a postsecondary degree awarded to those who complete accredited programs offering specialized training in general management and business leadership. This degree program offers students several advantages, including direct experience for international employers, tailored curriculum developed from business leader insights, and limited prerequisite experience for applicants. With UC Merced’s 12-month Master in Management Program, you can quickly apply your management skills to a wide variety of business settings and maximize your earning potential.

How a Masters in Management Compares to an MBA

  • MBA programs generally take longer to complete versus Masters in Management Programs; for example, UC Merced’s MM Program takes one year to complete, opening up your career possibilities earlier.
  • Whereas MBA programs typically offer a broad introduction to business management, a Masters in Management Program may provide a more specialized curriculum. UC Merced’s MIM addresses topical issues in the San Joaquin Valley and is informed by top business leaders, ensuring the skills you learn are directly applicable to real-world environments.
  • For additional information on Master of Management vs MBA, visit our FAQ page.

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