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MM - Admissions, Tuition and Financial Aid

Admissions Summary:

Visit the Graduate Division website for complete admissions & application information.


  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Professional resume
  • Written statement of purpose in response to provided admission questions
  • TOEFL if the candidate's highest undergraduate/graduate degree was obtained from a country where English is not the official langauge; a skype interview will be required for international applicants. The minimum requirments for TOEFL is 550 on the paper test or 80 on the TOEFL iBT (internet-Based Testing); for the IELTS it is a score of at least 7. Click here for more information on international applications.

Deadline: Priority Application Deadline - February 15 - submit documents here.

Decision: Priority Admission Notification - April 1.

Tuition & Fees Information:

The total Fee for 2018-19 is $36,923 (CA resident) and $49,168 (non-resident). This does not include living expenses or insurance, but does include course materials.

This total includes the "professional degree supplemental tuition" (PDST), a program enrollment fee that is standard to professional degrees. For 2018 this fee is $20,000, and will increase by 5% each year.


2018 Tuition and Fees
  In-state Out-of-state
Program enrollment tuition (PDST) $20,000 $20,000
UC Mandatory Fee $12,966 $12,966
Non-resident Supplemental Tuition   $12,245
Campus-based Fee $808.55 $808.55
Other: Summer Session Fee $3,149 $3,149
Total $36,923 $49,168

* estimated and proposed costs, pending approval


Fees for UC Merced's first professional program provide support for administrative, instructional, and physical infrastructure. Consistent with UC policy, 33% of the fee revenue generated will be used for financial aid for students enrolled in the program, and the remaining revenue will be used to cover program-related operating expenses.

The professional degree supplemental tuition (PDST), supports among other costs, the following:

Specialized educational offerings: The PDST resources will be used to provide the professionally-oriented curricula designed for our M.M. students, including the integrative “capstone” team project and local and global trips in the Summer semester. In addition to our ladder-rank faculty, qualified leaders from industry will serve as advisors and lecturers for both breadth and capstone courses.

Specialized student services: As with comparable top professional programs, our M.M. students will receive tailored, high quality career placement, student cohort development, and high-impact professional and networking services.

Student financial aid: As per Regent’s policy, we will use 33% of the PDST funds for student financial aid. This aid will allow us to attract the most talented students and assist those who would otherwise be unable to attend.


Financial Aid Information:

Fellowships are available by need and merit.

Please send financial-aid questions to: