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MAD Minor - FAQ

1.    How many courses does the MAD Minor require?

The MAD Minor requires a total of 5 four-unit courses, one of which may come from your major. Most MAD Minor courses – with MIST course codes – fulfill GE requirements.

2.    What’s the difference between the MAD and MBE Minors?

The MAD Minor takes a non-traditional interdisciplinary perspective on data analytics with management applications, providing students with basics in modern analytical methods and communication techniques that focus not only on business and economic factors but also the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit. The goal is to cultivate student potential for future leadership and management roles. This document further clarifiies the differences between these two Minor options.

3.    What does “interdisciplinary” mean? How does the MAD curriculum balance depth with breadth of content?

The MAD  curriculum provides students with well-rounded exposure to the fundamental disciplines generally involved in the management of businesses, agencies, non-profits, and organizational units. It is taught using an innovative cohort model in which students seeking careers in for-profit, not-for-profit, and public agencies go through the program together – in a setting in which values that guide corporate profitability are blended with values that stress resource stewardship. The objective is to develop alumni that come from an academic experience that stresses the importance of people, planet, and business sustainability as compatible ideals rather than as adversarial positions.

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